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[Diary][I'm the winner of Sovereign Hill 19th Century classic costume]

At the beginning of Oct, I had joined a classic costume match whom the Organizers were Sovereign Hill in Melbourne Australia.
When I had sent the fashion draw, after 1 month ago, just when the Beijing Doll Paradise had ended past 2 days at 11th Nov, the Organizers had took a phone to me and told me I had entered the final round of this match.
I'm so surprise and happy, but when they told me I need made my design became material object, I felt I had to canceled my vacation plan and postpone all of my works what I had planed...^^;;; In that time I had nearly 1 month to perpare my dress for match.

At 17th Dec, I had went to Shanghai to took part in match, and 18th Dec were importent match of final round day. Though a day of dress rehearsal and match at 8:30 PM, the organizers declare I'm the winner.
I couldn't believe that, that's like a dream, very unexpected, and I'm so happy that I didn't knew what I could speak. ^^;;;

And now, I had ruturned to Beijing for 2 days ago, but I felt very tired, I only wanna sleeping and rest ^^;;; I thought maybe because I had working 28 days before and used more than 240 hours for working. And now, all the result had public, my nerves could be overwrought and then I felt tired so much~ HaHaHa~ I need a short rest right now and then I will start work again for my doll works and customers commission orders XD

Here is the design of fashion draw:

My works had completed at 16th Dec:

At the final round day:

More pictures:

The prize cup

PS: The winner prize are a 6 days travel in Melbourne Australia at March 2014. XDDDDDD

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[Diary]My Titisha, (Monster high) XD

Huh... Long time again, I hadn't update my Diary.ru....I had knew I'm wrong..
There has too many things were happened at past months, like made a wedding dress for my classmate, or apply for a visa to France but refused at last... and holiday~ and made new design perpare for Beijing BJD Festival at 9th Nov. and so on...
I had painted this Monster high at Jun...^^;; and finished her dress at Jul. I felt Monster high dolls waist were too thin, that just like my finger...and when I made corset for her, I had to doubt that the patterns were right, what I had printed the patterns by myself ^^;;;

Monster high Mummy
Face up and dress made by me

Her face up XD

This green one I named her Snake XDD I forgot took photos for Titisha before her new face up, so I only had this photo to showed Snake's original face up ^^;;

After My face up works XDD lttle stange, until today, I hadn't knew how to design a dress for her T_T....

More pics for Titisha XD

Thank you for looking xD

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[Diary]I had changed my Sallendi and Isil's faceup XD

Because I had long time(more than 2-3 years) I didn't changed face up for them.. so in this week I made new face up for them XDD

Sallendi . Caradern
Dollshe husky 2007

More pictures

Isil . Caradern
Spirit doll Dark 2009

More pictures

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[Diary][Notice]My Etsy shop had re-opened again XD

Please accpet my most thanks for everyone whom were care about my Etsy shop things. Thanks for all and hugs for all. In saddness of 3 days, your gave me faith and warm, I know This is not a big deal, but upset and depressed around me(It's because too much resons)
But now, everything had past. ~lol~ I will go on working and make more beautiful works for all XD

Etsy had reopened my shop this night (Beijing time ^^;;) I'm very happy right now, and I could have a good sleep today.
OH, yes, and my making process

Welcome to visit my shop

Thanks a lot again
Nalisinko Workshop Youya Ju

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[Diary]How much do you know about my workshop ?

When I had photographed those photos and with that paper what had wrot my name and date, I felt I'm like a prisoner ^^;;;
No matter how, I had took photos in when I'm working, I just need waiting Etsy's answer ^^
I know someone very insteresting with my workshop and my working time XD And now, you could see it at all XDD

PS:... I felt I need lose weight... I really can't belive I'm a fat ball on photos...T_T...

Check here, You will see more of my work steps XD

Thanks for all and thanks for looking XDD

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[Diary]Hum...do you know what about saddness

I had opened my Etsy shop at the end of Apr. 2013, but just a few days ago at 30th, Etsy had temporary closure of my shop.
Because they doubt my works were not made by myself ? Or other resons ? I don't know,, they only asked my answered some questions about my workshop, and take my working photos from beginning to complete works. They still asked me write my Etsy ID and working date a paper, when I take photos this paper must show in that photo. I had show them about my workshop working space, my website, my unfinished works, my DoA feedback etc, what I could found to proof my innocence. But it's doesn't work, useless.

I felt so bad... my workshop only 1 member, that's me. Take working photos were hard task for me. I had asked my parents to help me to take photos.
I had began a new commission order yesterday(Thursday), and I had worked 11 hours. I must did it more and more as I could, because today my parents have a short trip with my grandmother, so they cannot go on to help me, but I really cannot waiting until my parents come back, the Etsy deadline will past.

I felt so bad.. I work hard and very tired every day, every month, from buy fabric, design, sewing, sewing ornaments, contact my customers, shipping all of works were made and did by my own. But I had to accpeted on their doubt. I felt saddness.

Sometime I have to accpet Chinese mistook from all over the world. Indeed 2/3 Piracy from China, and too much deceit from Chinese from past 20 years. And now, they had destotied credit, we have to pay that bill...I know because I'm Chinese, I had too much dispute with my works in BJDs group all over the world, just I didn't seen it, but some I had seen. Vituperation and doubt, too much. I cannot let all of people changed them opinion with Chinese people, but I could let them change it for me.

Tomorrow I will finished this commission order works, of course the photos too. I will show them to Etsy member and show them on my site/blog. If you interested in my working space and production step you will see it soonly XD

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[Diary]My ID Calais and my York's new head has arrived

At first I want to say: Finaly my York's problum head had changed from Soom XD but there has a little incident:
I still didn't received any about new York's head news / shipping number / or other when I had recevied ID Calais's shipping notice, so I'd wrote a new E-mail to Soom about shipping my new York's head (I had refund to Soom old problum York's head at Mid. of Feb.). On second day, Soom had replied my E-mail they had shiped a new Hyperon head for me as the same time as Calais.
Oh very well ~ a Hyperon head`~~ wa, Wait !!!! A Hyperon Head !!!! What was that !!!! Where is my York's head ??? faint....I thought too much, althought I like Hyperon but I really want York so much....

PS: The last York's head were too thin, so I contacted Soom to changed a new one ^^;;

Today, two packages had arrived, I opened the Calais box first, and then I am disturbed mood to opened that small head box...Oh~~ YES, that's York's head not Hyperon. XDDD After I'd came back to home I received Soom's new E-mail, they had wrote a wrong name in last mail....= =... Dear Soom you scared me T_T... I have to say: My York has the ups and downs of birth experience....but finaly he had came to my home XD I could start face-up and dressing him XDDD

Said too much ~ there are my box opening pics XDD
After box opening pics, I had took some contrast pics with other size doll XDDD

See more


Face up photos~XD
Face up by myself XD

My York ~ Named Nalata


Calais ~ Named Palerathna

That's happy ending XDD thanks for looking XDDD

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[Diary][Happy New Year]

Happy New Year everyone and my every watchers XDD
Thank you like my works and design and thank you for your support in 2012 XD
It's really a busy year in 2012, many works needs to do, Design, Making, Acting, DP, and so on XDD
I had designed more than 40 design and making more than 70 suits of outfits XD Of course some dress or corset I didn't showing on this photos
I will do it better in new year 2013 ^^ and I still hope I could find a helper to help me (All of things were made by myself were very hard work..)

Thank again to everyone XD
Love your all

Nalisinko Workshop

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ID york Character set in my world.

I'd orderd a FC CW ID york from soom FC event ^^ maybe he could be on shipping in next month, I hope it's could be fast, if it's into February, it's will must be very hard for shipping -- 2/9th~15th are Chinese Spring Festival, a long holiday...= = so Soom please quickly for shipping....T_T..

Come to the subject My York's character set:

He named: Pelsedof. This his turely name, after he became to Sallendi · Caradern's one of four protects his name changed to Nalata by Sallendi. When he lived in human world, his pseudonym are Gean.
And I accustomed to call him Nalata just like Sallendi.

He is Bloodthirsty mad, and some eonism.
He likes make-up very ladies and wear gorgeous dress and then massacre, after complete mission he will drank some deader blood, not for congrats, just only thirsty. You could call him abnormal, he wouldn't angry. Sallendi like his highly-efficient complete with homicide mission, sometime he just choice gaze at nalata in eonism make-up without seeing -- to pay no heed. But Isil · Caradern will be little push him over the edge, you know he is a gay, but he didn't like someone had eonism....= =

Nalata has not any sexual orientation, he just wanna kill anyone and blooding.

I wanna make some dress for him...- -;;; I had into mad in my friend's lead down....T_T...Oh Yes~~maybe I should bought 2 head for him one used for man, another used for ladies make-up~~(Enough!!!!)~

I had saw this brand doll for many times XD of course I had fall love into them XDDD

I wish it's could be add into my new plan at 2013, just I wish. My mother has little angry to my dolls.. they are too many, she hope I did not bought any more without I need that doll for working size ;;;

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Welcome to my Tumblr ^^

I had sign in Tumblr ^^ and I'd post all of my works on it too.


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Happy Helloween everyone XD

XD ~ Happy Helloween XD

More Pics XDDDD

At last there has an picture.... Don't laugh (Thread poster: XDDDDDDDDD)

Happy Helloween everyone XD

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[Diary]About my website

Huh....Finaly I could find the problum of my Website.
It's because the space server what I had bought were ending of work at 1th Oct, but the server service personnel didn't noticed me before this date...= =
(That's not because my lease term ending)

I have to change another server, but still because it's Chinese holiday until 8th Oct. . So I must to waiting, after the server service personnel on working ^^;;

No matter how, I could know what's reason with my website.. and I could be at ease a little.


Beause I will perpare for Beijing Doll Paradise 5 in 24th Nov. ..so my poor holiday had be still working...T_T
But for Notice: Before BJDP 5 will have Man's wear and women's dress be update.
The man's wear will have Dollshe hound size and Soom Mega size
Women's dress will have IP EID L chest size and Soom Roestte pure lady body size, and Soom SG size

Stay tuned XD

Nalisinko Workshop

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[Diary]My cover version song {Memories} by Within Temptation

I had came back for my trip, and start to working soonly. At here, I must to say I'm so sorry for my dear customers, I had to delayed your order works waiting time.. I'm so sorry.
I have had 2 trips from 29th Jun to 23th Jul. it's nearly one month, it's a long travel time.
From Hong Kong DP to ShanDong(China) trip with my parents I have had saw too much things, not only happy but it also has bad things and dangerous things.
No matter how, we have safe to returned our home.

This song were has been transcribe before I had leave Beijing again (12th Jul)
I like Within Temptation songs very much ^^ and I love [Jillian] best. I had transcribe this song before, but I don't think its could be share, because I couldn't use cooledit very well, of course there has many of thing need to study ^^lll

My cover version songs ^^



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[Diary]For while

Today, my grandfather body was cremated, tomorrow we will go to my family cemetery and buried him.
Because my grandmother doesn't like wear black outfit, so she didn't have any black clothe until today.
I have to made a new long cape for her, and then made a white rose corsage on it within 1 days.
When she looked this cape at last night, she were happy in that while. Because she'd know we miss her.
We just plan after several days ago, take my grandma have a short trip to seaside, it just 3-4 days. We hope it could be change her mood and rest.

Tomorrow, I will say goodbye to my grandpa forever.

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[Diary][Goodbye, See you in another world my dear grandfather]

My dearest grandfather left me forever, at 10:16 a.m. in Beijing.
He as 94 years old.
At past 5 month, he struggled at hospital everyday. But today, he gone.

I just was him at morgue one last time.
I love you, my dearest grandfather.

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[Diary]My Iplehouse Carina has arrival ^0^

I'd make up for her.
I'd re-make up for thrid time from yesterday to today...T_T.. first time, I didn't finished, maybe I'm too anxious, so that the makeup has be come drity... So I had have to cleaned it, and restart
Second time. I'd finished it ~ I'm very happy, but.. I'd saw there has a little uneven nearly nose, and then my hand very owed to dig out it...= =,, alright this makeup had broken again... OH shit.....T_T....
Third time. I only understood as: She didn't like those makeup( just first and second time),,, so I will give her an gothic style in this time...at last, I make it ,,but I think I will change it soonly, because I'm not satisfied this work...
Maybe just like my friend told me: A doll who have come to your home quickly, what what's hardly for dress up. = =;;;
I orderd her from Iplehouse at 10th Mar. And they shipping her at 29th Mar.. that's my first doll whom has so much qucikly for shipping...
EMS send her to my home as soon as shipping time ^^ I thought they will send her to me at second day, but,, just in a while day,, in the afternoon, EMS told me they will send her to my home ^^ WoW~~ that's crazy~~

Her name is Cijie ^^ that's from my story. In my story, this were a big bird's name.
This birds has much beautiful feather, and flying so fast, people always let them cart in the air.


Box Opening ^^

I've orderd 4 pair of shoes, becuase my friend told me. EID girl's feet has too big,, you'd better bought some shoes when you orderd a doll.


And I took some photo with my Divs ^^
WoW.. that's really not the same level...T_T.....

And I bought some shoes for my Cijie, it's weard on Soom SG foot ^^;;; It's too big

Thank you for looking ^^

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[Diary]Rush job & A corner of my work place

I just rush job nearly, I have photoed the last Commission order at today afternoon, and then I start working for Taurus. But until the end of today's work, it's 10 o'clock PM I didn't finished them all, just headdress left. So I must get up earlier to finish thouse headdress, and then shipping them at tomorrow.
In face I love Taurus this design, and I always wanna keep a one for my girls, but it's felt again.

When I choose fabrci, I always buy 3 meters for each fabric or more than, because I need perpare to my design which maybe will used 1 meter or more. If when I make a design but it's doesn't have enough fabric for my work, it must be very troublesome. Maybe you'd go to fabric market again, but you cannot find that fabric you'd want, it's sold out.
So that's one of reasons of why my works always can't re-make after. But sometime, I could left some fabric after design, it's usually be used for Commission order or new design. But if a fabric has left so much, that's mean I like this fabric so much ^^;;;

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My Aenigmas has arrived ^^ [Soom Aenigma Magenta skin]

Wow~~ my Aenigmas has arrived at home ^^ I'm so happy today ^0^
After I'd saw her skin,,,, WOOOOOOOWoooo I love this color very much, so much, too much :D

Although they are blank, but... they still have magic charm = =,,, alright, I'd fall love with them..OMG...

Forgive me I just eager to change her legend parts,, so I forgot to take photo for parts...T_T...

Atfer add legend parts XD Oh mine.. Oh mine....I will breathless and faint and ...bleed(Forgive me ~ I'm really not metamorphosis).... ^^;;;

They are my first doll of mini size...so I don't know what size of wig could fir for her, maybe,, I must make it by own,, OTZ ...and dressing, shose, and eyes... OMG,, I have nothing,, I must back to start... :apstenu:
I hope I could let them happy quickly =////=...

Thank you for looking ^^

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[Diary][Happy New Year]

Good day everyone ^^

Happy New Year ^^

I'd working as usual for a while year ^^ thank you for all of yours helps and keeping ^^ thank you so much

I haven't have others to give you,, just I show a pic of my cosplay photo for you ^^

Thank you everyone ^^
Love you

Nalisinko Workshop

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[cosplay]My new cosplay works (Unfinished)

This is my new cosplay custume ^^;;
[Versailles Rose] it's just unfinished.. there will be more decoration on it.
But it's have nearly 5Kg heavy after decorated... OMG,, I think I don't wanna move any...but I still need singing... :bricks:

I hope I could finished it before my vacation.... :tear:

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Nalisinko Workshop