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[Diary]My Iplehouse Carina has arrival ^0^

I'd make up for her.
I'd re-make up for thrid time from yesterday to today...T_T.. first time, I didn't finished, maybe I'm too anxious, so that the makeup has be come drity... So I had have to cleaned it, and restart
Second time. I'd finished it ~ I'm very happy, but.. I'd saw there has a little uneven nearly nose, and then my hand very owed to dig out it...= =,, alright this makeup had broken again... OH shit.....T_T....
Third time. I only understood as: She didn't like those makeup( just first and second time),,, so I will give her an gothic style in this time...at last, I make it ,,but I think I will change it soonly, because I'm not satisfied this work...
Maybe just like my friend told me: A doll who have come to your home quickly, what what's hardly for dress up. = =;;;
I orderd her from Iplehouse at 10th Mar. And they shipping her at 29th Mar.. that's my first doll whom has so much qucikly for shipping...
EMS send her to my home as soon as shipping time ^^ I thought they will send her to me at second day, but,, just in a while day,, in the afternoon, EMS told me they will send her to my home ^^ WoW~~ that's crazy~~

Her name is Cijie ^^ that's from my story. In my story, this were a big bird's name.
This birds has much beautiful feather, and flying so fast, people always let them cart in the air.


Box Opening ^^

I've orderd 4 pair of shoes, becuase my friend told me. EID girl's feet has too big,, you'd better bought some shoes when you orderd a doll.


And I took some photo with my Divs ^^
WoW.. that's really not the same level...T_T.....

And I bought some shoes for my Cijie, it's weard on Soom SG foot ^^;;; It's too big

Thank you for looking ^^

@темы: diary, my new doll


My Aenigmas has arrived ^^ [Soom Aenigma Magenta skin]

Wow~~ my Aenigmas has arrived at home ^^ I'm so happy today ^0^
After I'd saw her skin,,,, WOOOOOOOWoooo I love this color very much, so much, too much :D

Although they are blank, but... they still have magic charm = =,,, alright, I'd fall love with them..OMG...

Forgive me I just eager to change her legend parts,, so I forgot to take photo for parts...T_T...

Atfer add legend parts XD Oh mine.. Oh mine....I will breathless and faint and ...bleed(Forgive me ~ I'm really not metamorphosis).... ^^;;;

They are my first doll of mini size...so I don't know what size of wig could fir for her, maybe,, I must make it by own,, OTZ ...and dressing, shose, and eyes... OMG,, I have nothing,, I must back to start... :apstenu:
I hope I could let them happy quickly =////=...

Thank you for looking ^^

@темы: diary, my new doll

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