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[Diary][Notice]My Etsy shop had re-opened again XD

Please accpet my most thanks for everyone whom were care about my Etsy shop things. Thanks for all and hugs for all. In saddness of 3 days, your gave me faith and warm, I know This is not a big deal, but upset and depressed around me(It's because too much resons)
But now, everything had past. ~lol~ I will go on working and make more beautiful works for all XD

Etsy had reopened my shop this night (Beijing time ^^;;) I'm very happy right now, and I could have a good sleep today.
OH, yes, and my making process

Welcome to visit my shop

Thanks a lot again
Nalisinko Workshop Youya Ju

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[Notice]Nalisinko Workshop Etsy Shop opening XD

You could bought my works easier than before XDD

Welcome to me Etsy shop XD


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[Notice Advance] Nalisinko's new works will be update at 23th Nov.

Hello dear Customers ^^
Thank you like my works and design.
I will update my new works at 23th Nov. New works will be Steampunk style most, of course some Gothic style works will be going on ^^

Update includ:

Man's wear (Dollshe hound body & Soom Mega body size)
1/3 Woman's wear (Soom size only)
1/4 Woman's wear (Soom Rosette pure body only)

Thank you for so much concern
Nalisinko Workshop

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Welcome to my Tumblr ^^

I had sign in Tumblr ^^ and I'd post all of my works on it too.


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[Notice]Nalisinko.com website could be running XD

WoW~~ Finaly~ nalisinko.com could be running ~XD

Welcom to:



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[Diary]About my website

Huh....Finaly I could find the problum of my Website.
It's because the space server what I had bought were ending of work at 1th Oct, but the server service personnel didn't noticed me before this date...= =
(That's not because my lease term ending)

I have to change another server, but still because it's Chinese holiday until 8th Oct. . So I must to waiting, after the server service personnel on working ^^;;

No matter how, I could know what's reason with my website.. and I could be at ease a little.


Beause I will perpare for Beijing Doll Paradise 5 in 24th Nov. ..so my poor holiday had be still working...T_T
But for Notice: Before BJDP 5 will have Man's wear and women's dress be update.
The man's wear will have Dollshe hound size and Soom Mega size
Women's dress will have IP EID L chest size and Soom Roestte pure lady body size, and Soom SG size

Stay tuned XD

Nalisinko Workshop

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[Notice]Something broken to my website

Since 1th Oct, my website were cannot opened and saw anything.
Of course because that, all of my works photo were linked from my website were not seeing too.
I don't know why, that's not my business. I cannot opened the server website page yet what I had bought the space server, so that's mean mabye there has something broken from the top server.
It's a long holiday in China until 7th Oct... maybe we will waiting the holiday ending and then it's could be run as usual.

I have to say,, I hate.. I cannot opened Flicker, Facebook, Twitter and so on... If you still wanna used thoes site, you must ‘over the wall' but it's need money and has so much unstable... Only the photobucket I could use, and I had paid the fee, but after the late of Aug. I cannot open this site too, still because political reason...
So I had to links all of new photos from my website, but ... Oh Sh*t....

I hate that, and I hope and wish everything could be done fast..T_T...

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Re-made My website http://www.nalisinko.com

XD ~ Finally ~ I had finished re-made for my personal website ^^
You could see it from www.nalisinko.com just in test.
And if you felt or found some wrong and bad page please tell me ^^

Thanks a lot ^^

PS: Tomorrow will update 2 of new works from my Commission order works ^^

Thanks again XD

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[Notice][Nalisinko on DeviantArt]

Hello everyone ^^

Nalisinko Workshop had Signed in DeviantArt.
Welcome to watching me ^0^


**| I will update my new works on thoes place as the same time |**

--My website: www.nalisinko.com

--My Diary.ru: nalisinko.diary.ru

--My Livejournal: aosinna.livejournal.com/

--My DeviantArt: nalisinko.deviantart.com/

--My DoA Selling thread: www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?53485...

--My DoA Commission order thread: www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?48288...

Nalisinko Workshop

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[Order Design][Ice Queen]corset dress

Good news:
2 style of shoes will be put on sell at the end of this month ^^
First style: Fit for Soom SG girl & SD16 girl feet size. High heel shoes, 4 colors could be choose.
Second style: Fit for SD10 and SD13 girl feet size. Nomal feet shoes, 4 colors could be choose.

PS: You could see the first style white one at last photo in this commission order works photos.

Ice Queen

White Gauze cotton, Blue stretch meshes, Water soluble lace, Woven lace, Elastic lace, Silver beaded slipper, Silver jewelry, Imitation crystal, Acrylic crystal.
All of the Design, made and embroidery was made by youya
+The Shoes were made by Nalisinko Workshop+
complete working hours: 13 hours

Order Design (Sold out)

In this picture, the shoes were made by Nalisinko Workshop

Thank you for looking

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[Notice]Important Update about commission order

Important Update about commission order:

Thanks for everyone whom like my works and design, and I know you wish take an commission order from my workshop.
Thanks a lot again, your wish will be my working power. :heart:
But I still working for my new designs (Fashions \ Man's wear \ Others), so have to limit the number of Commission order.
In my plan, the C.O. number will still be 2-3 sets off every month until the end of Sep. Because I will join the HKDP7 at 7th-8th Jul. So that, I must finished all of my design first.

That's my fault, I never thought my dear customers will PMed me before my re-open date with commission order ask. And I don't know how could I refuse those asks.. forgive my fault...
I have no idea for refuse my customers, and I wish I could find a fair way.

This plan will be start from Jun.
I will draw lots 2-3 orders from all of order asks. You could PM me to write your C.O. ask info anytime before every re-open date. (I will reply you I'd received it and noticed it, if I have some mistake from your order info I will take communication with you.)
I will public whose order which I'd selected from sortition at re-open date.

Thanks again that you like my works and design :heart:
Best Wishes for everyone. :heart:

Nalisinko Workshop

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[Notice]About commission order

Hello everyone:

I'm very happy you'd like my works and design ^^ Thanks for all

That, I can not imagine, my commission order has full just in one day. I must closed it in this month.
I just plan it's will be re-open after 20th Apr. 2012.

About price:
Because I always wanna make a beautiful and satisfactory design for my costomer, so that I paid energy and care on commission order design more and more, and the working period always longer than before.
So, I will increase in price of commission order from Apr.
After increased, the price will be $179 for each set.
I'm sorry lets you troubled, but I just hope I could make more satisfactory works for you ^^

About Fabric and materials:
This price just used cotton
Leatheroid, velvet and silk will need add $20 for each febric in working
Feathers will need $10+ (The specific price will according to your order ask info)

Thank you so much
Best wishes

Nalisinko Workshop

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[Notice]New [Special Limited Edition][Scorpio]

Hello everyone:

I'm so sorry, this design that Special Limited Edition -- Scorpio had delayed too much time.
This Works will be update at next week.
In this time, this SLE work cannot choose Size, just only Soom Super Gem size.
And this works should not be corset dress, it's a Fashion dress.
It's will cost $159 for each set.
I just design and working for this works. In my plan this works will be update before next Friday (Before 16th. Mar).

Thanks for you still pay attention to my works ^^ Thanks a lot.

Nalisinko Workshop XD

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[Notice][Special Limited Edition] Relist works (Not re-make works)


Because thouse design didn't sold out last year, so this works will be Relist.
Please pay attention: Thouse works design just worked at last year, and on selling works in this time just left things from last year. So Thouse will be not re-make in the future.
Limited Edition works always be LE works, it's will not re-make anymore.

:pink:This works will be Relist from 1th March 2012 :pink:



Dark brown printing sateen, Ocher dyed fabric, Water soluble lace, Woven lace, Elastic lace, Coconut shell bottom, Plexiglass button, Weaving wool flowers, Beaded slipper, Metallic bell, Metallic jewelry, Ribbon bows, Ribbon.

All of the Design, made and embroidery was made by youya

complete working hours: 16 hours

Limited edition [3 sets left]

Price: $149

** You could choose size **

| Soom Super Gem girl L size chest & L size chest |

| SD16 girl |

| Spiritdoll Proud girl M size chest & L size chest |

* The model is Soom Super Gem 2008 MD Onyx Shadow *



=Black one=

Printing sateen, Black stretch yarn, Black organza, Water soluble lace, Woven lace, Imitation pearls.

Limited edition (only 1 set left)

Price: $149


=White one=

Printing sateen, White stretch yarn, White organza, Water soluble lace, Woven lace, Imitation pearls.

Limited edition (2 sets left)

Price: $149

All of the Design, made and embroidery was made by youya

*The suspender sock was design and made by King's shop*

complete working hours: 15 hours

** You could choose size **

| Soom Super Gem girl |

| Spiritdoll Proud girl M size chest & L size chest |

* The model is Soom Super Gem 2008 MD Onyx Shadow & 2008 MD Vesuvia *

more pics on Nalisinko Workshop website



Printing sateen, Korea gauze, Water soluble lace, Woven lace, Elastic cotton lace, Plexiglass jewelry, Beaded slipper, Metallic jewelry, Ribbon.

All of the Design, made and embroidery was made by youya

+ Headdress was made by Blood line Workshop +
** This headdress were not includ in [Leo] corset set, it's need additional payment.**

Limited edition (2 sets left)

Price: $159
Headdress Price: $35
**This headdress could options needs or not.**

** You could choose size **

| Soom Super Gem girl |

| SD 16 girl |

| Spiritdoll Proud girl M size chest & L size chest |

* The model is Soom Super Gem 2008 MD Onyx Shadow *

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[Custom order]Re-opening commission order

Nalisinko Workshop has re-opening commission order ^^

About custom order requirement:
You could tell me what's colors and some details what you'll want, and then I will make a new design for you.
This design I only use it once, so that's mean this design just belong to you, I can't use it twice or for others.
Attation: I can't allow anyone give me a picture or photo and I just need making without design.

[For Example] order ask: black and white stripe with dress, white and black lace, a lot of bells and some metallic jewelry with corset dress ornament. and I wanna a sleeves for my girl.
[Perhaps you could give me a color code for fabric, or give me a parts of dress pic( it's maybe you find it on wed, or you find in my works ^^), I will make a new design according to take your order ask ]

Commission order will cost $169 for each set
This price includ:
A suit of corset dress
A fit for corset dress jewelry
And custom asked others collocation (For example: Ruff or Sleeves)

This price just used cotton
Leatheroid, velvet and silk will need add $20 for working

You could choose size:
|Soom Super Gem 65 girl L chest & M chest|
|Spiritdoll proud 1st girl L chest & M chest|
|SD16 girl|
|SD13 gril|
|SD10 gril|

About size requirement:
Because I need my works much fit for a doll body, so I only make a size of doll which I'd having. If I haven't have that doll I cannot make anything with her/him. I'm so sorry.
Expect, if the outfit has any unfit, I cannot bear this blame.

Order process:
You could E-mail me with your order details.
When you tell me your order ask and I accpeted your order you need pay 50% earnest money(Without shipping cost).
After received your earnest payment, the working period will need 1-2weeks, please waiting ^^
I will show you my works after I finished this order.
If you agree with this design you could pay other 50% remain money and shipping cost, and then I will shipping your outfits for you soonly and give your EMS number ^^


Mode of payment:
Paypal only, USD only, please. (Please E-mail me for asking Paypal address.)

Shipping Information
EMS only

Shipping cost:
To Russia $35<0.5kg

If buyer bought more than $380 in once or bought outfits in third time, I will cut off half shipping cost.

Thank you ^^
You are welcome

Nalisinko Workshop

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[Notice][One off][Cappuccino]

Good day ^^

This is my new [One Off] work [Cappuccino]
it's just one off for each size: Soom Size & SD16 girl size.
This work will be [on sell] at 30th Dec. 2011
Price: $69 (USD) for each one

it's just one off work, so I only sell it whom U-mailed me at first ^^;; (Start time: 8:00 PM Beijing time GMT+8:00 30th Dec. 2011)
PS: this work will be sell on DoA as the same time ^^

This photos was shooting by my phone, formal photos will be update at 30th Dec. 2011 ^^

Thanks ^^

Nalisinko Workshop

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Nalisinko Workshop