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[Preview][ Prepare for BJDP6 ] part 2 Steampunk

Excuse me, I'm so tired right now, and I just show only one picture right now, I will update more (Full of my works) within this weekend XD

Thank you for looking

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[Preview][ Prepare for BJDP6 ] part 1

Those works are prepare for BJDP 6 at 9th Nov.

I will public all of design works and price in my website and DoA forum and others blog at 2-3th Nov.

In this time you could choose size:
Soom SG girl (Old and New body)
Soom ID girl body
Soom ID 72 man body
Iple house EID L bust woman body
Spiritdoll 1st proud girl body
SD16 girl body
Soom Elves girl body
Soom Faery Legend girl

Thank you for looking and waitng m^ ^m

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