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There has two plan to take shopping from Nalisinko Workshop

Plan 1. One off & Limited Edition & Special Limited Edition
Those works are non scheduled update. You could see update in here and my Website (www.nalisinko.com). No matter one off or LE or SLe style, if it's notice 'Sold out' that's mean it's will never be rework forever.
[One off]: In this style, the works just only one set, and it's will never be rework.
[Limited Edition]: This style usually has 2-4 sets off, but you cannot choose size, when it's wirte *** size only, that's mean this works just only fit for this size.
[Special Limited Edition]: This style works usually has 2-4 sets off and maybe someone will be time and number limited, if it's has time limited, but it doesn't sold out until the end off time, it's will be re-open at next year. In this style you could choose size which it write on. If the size you'd want but it's doesn't write on, that's mean you cannot choose that size.

All of selling outfits's price I will showed this Blog and my website www.nalisinko.com - shop
Plan 2. Custom Order (Commission order)
You could post U-mail for asking your commission order.

About custom order requirement:
You could tell me what's colors and some details what you'll want, and then I will make a new design for you.
This design I only use it once, so that's mean this design just belong to you, I can't use it twice or for others.
Attation: I can't allow anyone give me a picture or photo and I just need making without design.

[For Example] order ask: black and white stripe with dress, white and black lace, a lot of bells and some metallic jewelry with corset dress ornament. and I wanna a sleeves for my girl.
[Perhaps you could give me a color code for fabric, or give me a parts of dress pic( it's maybe you find it on wed, or you find in my works ^^), I will make a new design according to take your order ask ]

Commission order will cost $179 for each set
This price includ:
A suit of corset dress
A fit for corset dress jewelry
And custom asked others collocation (For example: Ruff or Sleeves)

About Fabric and materials:
This price just used cotton
Leatheroid, velvet and silk will need add $20 for each febric in working
Feathers will need $10+ (The specific price will according to your order ask info)

You could choose size:
| Soom Super Gem 65 girl L bust & M bust |
| Soom Super Gem new girl body |
| Soom Rosette Prue lady |
| Soom Faery Legend girl |
| Iplehouse EID girl L bust |
| Spiritdoll proud 1st girl L bust & M bust |
| SD16 girl |
| SD13 gril L bust |
| SD10 gril |

About size requirement:
Because I need my works much fit for a doll body, so I only make a size of doll which I'd having. If I haven't have that doll I cannot make anything with her/him. I'm so sorry.
Expect, if the outfit has any unfit, I cannot bear this blame.

Order process:
You could E-mail me with your order details.
When you tell me your order ask and I accpeted your order you need pay 50% earnest money(Without shipping cost).
After received your earnest payment, the working period will need 1-2weeks, please waiting ^^
I will show you my works after I finished this order.
If you agree with this design you could pay other 50% remain money and shipping cost, and then I will shipping your outfits for you soonly and give your EMS number ^^


Mode of payment:

Paypal only, USD only, please. (Please E-mail me for asking Paypal address.)

Shipping Information
EMS & Registered airmail only

Shipping cost:
To Russia <0.5kg = $30 With EMS
To Russia <0.5kg = $15 With Registered airmail

Thank you ^^
You are welcome

Nalisinko Workshop