My Aenigmas has arrived ^^ [Soom Aenigma Magenta skin]

Wow~~ my Aenigmas has arrived at home ^^ I'm so happy today ^0^
After I'd saw her skin,,,, WOOOOOOOWoooo I love this color very much, so much, too much :D

Although they are blank, but... they still have magic charm = =,,, alright, I'd fall love with them..OMG...

Forgive me I just eager to change her legend parts,, so I forgot to take photo for parts...T_T...

Atfer add legend parts XD Oh mine.. Oh mine....I will breathless and faint and ...bleed(Forgive me ~ I'm really not metamorphosis).... ^^;;;

They are my first doll of mini size...so I don't know what size of wig could fir for her, maybe,, I must make it by own,, OTZ ...and dressing, shose, and eyes... OMG,, I have nothing,, I must back to start... :apstenu:
I hope I could let them happy quickly =////=...

Thank you for looking ^^

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2012-02-03 в 16:44 

Только с ноты "до" и yже не в такт. Кто же знает что еще бyдет потом? Я не знаю что, но я знаю как. Как хотелось бы мне, а там хоть потоп! \ Not all men are annoying. Some are dead (Не все люди меня раздражают. Некоторые мертвы)
Congatulations with Aenigmas))))))))) will you make the corsed dress for the fairy in future?)))))
(off-top: so nice cat lives with you ^____^)

2012-02-03 в 16:47 

Наличие мозга в моей голове учеными пока не доказано (с)
Congratulations! Magical fairies. I wish you a quick and successful completion of the image.

2012-02-03 в 16:52 

И создал Бог женщину!..Существо получилось злобное, но симпатишное..)))
WOW! She is so beauty!!!
They both. Congratulations!!!This is my favorite color. I am currently doing a wig on their sister

2012-02-03 в 16:57 

Ow, really nice and interesting color. It's hard to wait them finished, in make ups and outfits )

2012-02-03 в 17:03 

Zmeigo Rinich
И налейте штрафную Северусу. Он имеет ужасную привычку помнить, что было накануне. (с)тырено
Congratulations)))) Such a lovely girls))))

2012-02-03 в 17:34 

Aeda, Thank you, corset dress.. I'm not sure this works will be the first one for them ^^||| but I really wanna make one for her ^^

filiges, Thanks ^^;; I wish it, too^^;;;

vicvoo, I just bought some thing and perpare for making some wigs for them ^^;; I love this color so much ^^

.Gaallo., Yes,, very hard work... T_T...first one of challenge are make-up... T_T

2012-02-03 в 17:35 

Zmeigo Rinich, Thank you ^^

2012-02-03 в 18:14 

Просто помни - ты можешь не успеть
Congratulations! So beautyful! :inlove:


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