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[Diary]Rush job & A corner of my work place

I just rush job nearly, I have photoed the last Commission order at today afternoon, and then I start working for Taurus. But until the end of today's work, it's 10 o'clock PM I didn't finished them all, just headdress left. So I must get up earlier to finish thouse headdress, and then shipping them at tomorrow.
In face I love Taurus this design, and I always wanna keep a one for my girls, but it's felt again.

When I choose fabrci, I always buy 3 meters for each fabric or more than, because I need perpare to my design which maybe will used 1 meter or more. If when I make a design but it's doesn't have enough fabric for my work, it must be very troublesome. Maybe you'd go to fabric market again, but you cannot find that fabric you'd want, it's sold out.
So that's one of reasons of why my works always can't re-make after. But sometime, I could left some fabric after design, it's usually be used for Commission order or new design. But if a fabric has left so much, that's mean I like this fabric so much ^^;;;

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2012-03-18 в 20:52 

The only thing that can defeat power is more power © A. Wesker
It is really upsetting not to be in time.
Wish you luck.

2012-03-18 в 20:52 

Zmeigo Rinich
И налейте штрафную Северусу. Он имеет ужасную привычку помнить, что было накануне. (с)тырено
woooow))) You have so much place to work)))) Looks cool)

Is it your sewing machine? I heard a lot about Brother... Do you like it?)

2012-03-18 в 22:41 

Никого не трогаю, сижу починяю куллер

2012-03-18 в 23:40 

Sion R. Darkness
"Если ты умный, то почему больной и некрасивый?"(ц)
Oh, your schedule is such busy -___- I hope you will make headdresses in time ^^
it was interesting to see your working space again ^^

2012-03-19 в 15:10 

Legal_Assassin, T_T..thanks
Zmeigo Rinich, Oh,Thank you. Yes this is one of my sewing machine ^^;; and this one just stitching sewing for industrial use machine. I used this machine for human or larger works ^^ it's so much faster than home use machine. For dolls outfits I always used Home use machine, but it's not [Brother]'s just a Chinese brand [Feiyue]. I just heard from my friends they has used [Brother] and they said it's easy to working(Theirs [Brother] are little expensive, it's need $800-$1300), but I needn't it ^^;; I think my [Feiyue] were still working well ^^;; So if you just wanna making for dolls dress, I advice you use home use machine, industrial machine was too fast ^^;;

Karinako, Thanks ^^

Sion Darkness, Thanks, I finished the headdress today ^^ and then I shipping them in this afternoon ^^ hum.. tomorrow I must finished the last [Leo] and then, shipping it ^^;;;
It's just a less half of my workplace ^^ Today,it's has little small for me, I wanna change a biger one than this room ^^;;;

2012-03-19 в 15:27 

Zmeigo Rinich
И налейте штрафную Северусу. Он имеет ужасную привычку помнить, что было накануне. (с)тырено
nalisinko, Thanks) My mum going to sew human clothes and some staff for home, so I read a lot about Brother) But in Moscow shops the most popular company is Janome) Anyway, I have no experience in sewing but... Maybe someday)))) I saw a lot of charming clothes for girl but I can`t buy anything for my yosd boy. So I have a lot of plans *^___^*

Wish you a good work)

2012-03-19 в 18:55 

Zmeigo Rinich, Oh, it's it, if you wanna buy a sewing, I advice you to buy a one you'd easy to find service ^^
Yosd, I really wanna have one, but I'm afraid... Becuase if I take a Yosd come back, it's must will take family war: All of my dolls stand around, and said: Well, Speak clearly, that's were belongs whom bastard...= =;;;

2012-03-20 в 10:20 

Zmeigo Rinich
И налейте штрафную Северусу. Он имеет ужасную привычку помнить, что было накануне. (с)тырено
nalisinko, :::loooool::: I wanted to have yosd, but have no money, so it was gift. I supposed, he decide to come by himself =^___^= That`s why my Misha the most serious and pathetic person of our little family))) I like unexpected persons and play in the same way with my dolls.

Do you have some info-files about your dolls? I saw a lot of girls on sewing photo and moreover on unpacking, they are nice)))

2012-03-21 в 21:06 

Zmeigo Rinich, Of course I have ^^but please waiting several days I need time to update their files ^^;;;

2012-03-21 в 22:54 

Zmeigo Rinich
И налейте штрафную Северусу. Он имеет ужасную привычку помнить, что было накануне. (с)тырено
nalisinko, That's great)))) I think it would be interesting =^_^=


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