[Order design][Black Swan]corset dress

I have to must say,, the feathers has so expensive.
Although I had bought some feathers before, but this black short feathers has so much expensive what I'd bought that in this time I'd used.
But I must to say, this feathers were very beautiful, because this short feather just in the neck of the pheasant, so this yields are low, that's why this feathers how expensive.

In fact, after I'd finished this works, I'm really very like it, that even I still wanna possession this work. But I can't this work belong to my dear customer Sion.

This work just my last commission order at Apr. I will accpet 2 orders in May(it will start at 20th Apr.)
I'd perparing for making a new Man's wear nearly, I hope I could update it before the end of this month, and this Man's wear could choose size : Soom Mega body / Dollshe old hound body

Black Swan

Black PU leather, Black korea gauze, Turquoise green N/T taffeta, Feathers, Woven lace, Elastic lace, Imitation pearl, Black cobweb organza.
All of the Design, made and embroidery was made by youya
complete working hours: 22 hours

Order Design (Sold out)

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2012-04-19 в 20:08 

И создал Бог женщину!..Существо получилось злобное, но симпатишное..)))
It is awesome!!!:buh: I'm your fan forever!!!!:beg:

2012-04-20 в 04:04 

vicvoo, Thank you very much ^^

2012-04-20 в 15:58 

Sion R. Darkness
"Если ты умный, то почему больной и некрасивый?"(ц)
*_____* I'm in love you know! :heart:
In your golden hands and in your sense of style and imagination.
Thank you so much for all this beauty ^^

2012-04-21 в 04:50 

Sion Darkness, Thank you dear Sion ^^ I will make more beautiful works in the future ^^

2012-04-21 в 22:05 

Демиург с ограниченными возможностями (с)
Delightful dress! :inlove: :hlop:

2012-04-22 в 17:59 

Ra-kell, Thank you ^^


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