[Order Design][Champagne Pink] corset dress

That's my first time to make a light pink colour works. Although I always wish to change my colours style to new test, but I'm not sure should I need to try it, or could I to control thoes lovely, sweet and cute colours.
After I'd finished this works, I think ------ Maybe it's will be a good tried ^^

Champagne Pink

Champagne pink silk-like fabric, White cotton, Water soluble lace, Woven lace, Elastic lace, Polymer clay Flowers, Ribbon bows, Imitation pearls, Resin relief.

All of the Design, made and embroidery was made by youya

+The Shoes were designed and made by Nalisinko Workshop+

Complete working hours: 18 hours

The model are Soom 2010 MD Migma + Vesuvia tail

More Pictures

Thank you for looking ^^

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2012-09-24 в 18:29 

Только с ноты "до" и yже не в такт. Кто же знает что еще бyдет потом? Я не знаю что, но я знаю как. Как хотелось бы мне, а там хоть потоп! \ Not all men are annoying. Some are dead (Не все люди меня раздражают. Некоторые мертвы)
Wonderful!!! Great work!!!! :hlop::hlop::hlop::hlop::hlop::hlop::hlop::hlop::hlop:

2012-09-24 в 18:31 

Aeda, Thank you ^^

2012-09-24 в 19:39 

Eleventh Prince
Принц был некрофил, он любил мертвых девушек. [И мертвых юношей в корсетах.]
Beautiful and sweet! *___*

2012-09-24 в 19:44 

Blut und Schmerzen.
Fantastic!!! :heart:

2012-09-25 в 01:24 

Бог создал кошку, чтобы у человека был тигр, которого можно погладить.
It's SO wonderful! *_____________* Your works are so great!! I really want save money and order or buy a dress for my Nymeria^~^

2012-09-25 в 02:47 

the barriers between us have fallen and we have become our own shadows
she looks like a cupcake % ) please make more designs that would fit that tail, its a nightmare to find anything....

2012-09-25 в 05:34 

Eleventh Prince, Thank you ^^
.bereich, Thank you ^^
fighting-cat, Thank you ^^
Знак Грома, Thank you ^^ yes' it's looks like a cake ^^ a mightmare ? Because that tail cannot wear anything isn't it ? ^^

2012-09-25 в 10:36 

Sion R. Darkness
"Если ты умный, то почему больной и некрасивый?"(ц)
This is very fresh and gentle colors! I like this dress a lot ^___^ You chose perfect color mix for it <3

2012-09-25 в 16:05 

Sion Darkness, Thank you XD


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