Huh....Finaly I could find the problum of my Website.
It's because the space server what I had bought were ending of work at 1th Oct, but the server service personnel didn't noticed me before this date...= =
(That's not because my lease term ending)

I have to change another server, but still because it's Chinese holiday until 8th Oct. . So I must to waiting, after the server service personnel on working ^^;;

No matter how, I could know what's reason with my website.. and I could be at ease a little.


Beause I will perpare for Beijing Doll Paradise 5 in 24th Nov. my poor holiday had be still working...T_T
But for Notice: Before BJDP 5 will have Man's wear and women's dress be update.
The man's wear will have Dollshe hound size and Soom Mega size
Women's dress will have IP EID L chest size and Soom Roestte pure lady body size, and Soom SG size

Stay tuned XD

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