At first, I could take a breath for a while right now, I had finished my personal design since Oct.
Because the time didn't enough, I cannot finished the outfit [Gothic Metal] for Soom mega size, but you could see the wear look like [Steampunk] Mega size ^^;;;

I'm so tired,, tomorrow.. alright. today, it's past 24:00 right now... today will be Beijing Doll Paradise, but just because thoes man's wear, I will has no anything will be selling on DP... yes, I put all of times for making thoes man's wear...T_T... tomorrow I wish I could be have a wonderful sleeping.. = =

Thanks everyone XD
Loving you ^333^



Thank you for your concern, Hugs~ ^3^

PS: All of works need 1-2 month for making, what had updated in this time. I'm so sorry for this time, because thoes work were too much hard work... T_T

Another PS: You could take Layaway, for details please PM me or E-mail me to [email]nalisinko@nalisinko.com[/email], thank you very much.

SteamPunk for Soom Super Gem girl (Old body)

Dark brown PU leather, Patterns cotton, Rattan yellow gauze, Water soluble lace, Woven lace, Shell cotton, Bronze rivets; Metallic ornament.

All of the Design, made and embroidery was made by youya

Complete working hours: 20 hours

+ The hat and staff were designed and made by Nalisinko Workshop +
- The hat and the staff were not included in dress set -

The model is Soom 2008 MD Onyx Shadow

Pics links

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2012-11-23 в 20:34 

Рыжая Лорна
Не ображайте нас, дєвочок. Коли ми заплакані, то не бачимо, в кого стріляємо
It is amazing!
You can go crazy!
How much work put into these works ... You're done.
I especially like the fact that these jobs are not burdened with details.
Do I understand correctly, these outfits are sold?

2012-11-23 в 20:43 

Рыжая Лорна, Thanks a lot ^^ thoes works are on selling ^^

2012-11-23 в 20:49 

Тролль с интеллектом оладушка (с)
nalisinko, wonderful! :hlop:

2012-11-23 в 21:41 

Долей мне виски в мою печаль.
it's a really great job. And I like these little details, they're awesome :love:

2012-11-24 в 11:34 

wow, these dresses are gorgeous!! :wow2: I didn`t expect to see steampunk collection this time *PMed you*

2012-11-24 в 20:22 

Sharissaren, Thank you XDD
kozabo, I'd replyed you ^^

2012-11-24 в 20:22 

*Lost in Twilight*, Thank you XD


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