[Diary][Happy New Year]

Happy New Year everyone and my every watchers XDD
Thank you like my works and design and thank you for your support in 2012 XD
It's really a busy year in 2012, many works needs to do, Design, Making, Acting, DP, and so on XDD
I had designed more than 40 design and making more than 70 suits of outfits XD Of course some dress or corset I didn't showing on this photos
I will do it better in new year 2013 ^^ and I still hope I could find a helper to help me (All of things were made by myself were very hard work..)

Thank again to everyone XD
Love your all

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2013-01-01 в 19:19 

Happy New Year! :yolka11:

2013-01-01 в 21:19 

наркомань и мимимишность(с)
Happy New Year and thanks for your work! :yolka12:

2013-01-01 в 21:37 

Zmeigo Rinich
И налейте штрафную Северусу. Он имеет ужасную привычку помнить, что было накануне. (с)тырено
nalisinko, Happy New Year! Your works are great!

2013-01-01 в 23:32 

Happy New Year!!! :hamp:

2013-01-01 в 23:36 

Если делать, то хорошо! Но планка еще выше!
Happy New Year! =)
Wishing you enough time for realization of new great ideas in 2013 and enough time for rest too, that's important. =)

2013-01-02 в 06:51 

asha262006, Thank you XD
Адино, Thank you XD
Zmeigo Rinich, Thank you XD I will XDD
kozabo, Thank you XD
Себонька, Thank you XD I will XDD


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