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This is my first time to took a commission order for man's wear.
My poor making process, this fabric I had choose something wrong with it, it's has very strong elasticity and the golden purfle has little elasticity... and for that Shirt, just because the collar, I had to re-make the Shirt 3rd time, at last time I really wanted tear up it....T_T...
The fringes and covered bottoms were made by myself, especially when I'd made covered bottoms arate of rejects little high, I had made 17 bottoms, there has were 5 broken...

Black nylon Oxford, Black nylon twill, Golden line purfle , Golden cross.
Fringes and covered bottoms were made by youya
All of the made and embroidery was made by youya
Complete working hours: 54 hours
The model is Dollshe Rosen

Order design (Sold out)

More pictures

Thank you for looking XD

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2013-02-20 в 15:26 

We arent all mad here.. just.. we have creative mind.. and it is a wacky one..
Beautiful work!!

2013-02-22 в 09:02 

eniferr, Thank you XD


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