At first I want to say: Finaly my York's problum head had changed from Soom XD but there has a little incident:
I still didn't received any about new York's head news / shipping number / or other when I had recevied ID Calais's shipping notice, so I'd wrote a new E-mail to Soom about shipping my new York's head (I had refund to Soom old problum York's head at Mid. of Feb.). On second day, Soom had replied my E-mail they had shiped a new Hyperon head for me as the same time as Calais.
Oh very well ~ a Hyperon head`~~ wa, Wait !!!! A Hyperon Head !!!! What was that !!!! Where is my York's head ??? faint....I thought too much, althought I like Hyperon but I really want York so much....

PS: The last York's head were too thin, so I contacted Soom to changed a new one ^^;;

Today, two packages had arrived, I opened the Calais box first, and then I am disturbed mood to opened that small head box...Oh~~ YES, that's York's head not Hyperon. XDDD After I'd came back to home I received Soom's new E-mail, they had wrote a wrong name in last mail....= =... Dear Soom you scared me T_T... I have to say: My York has the ups and downs of birth experience....but finaly he had came to my home XD I could start face-up and dressing him XDDD

Said too much ~ there are my box opening pics XDD
After box opening pics, I had took some contrast pics with other size doll XDDD

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Face up photos~XD
Face up by myself XD

My York ~ Named Nalata


Calais ~ Named Palerathna

That's happy ending XDD thanks for looking XDDD

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