At first I want to say: Finaly my York's problum head had changed from Soom XD but there has a little incident:
I still didn't received any about new York's head news / shipping number / or other when I had recevied ID Calais's shipping notice, so I'd wrote a new E-mail to Soom about shipping my new York's head (I had refund to Soom old problum York's head at Mid. of Feb.). On second day, Soom had replied my E-mail they had shiped a new Hyperon head for me as the same time as Calais.
Oh very well ~ a Hyperon head`~~ wa, Wait !!!! A Hyperon Head !!!! What was that !!!! Where is my York's head ??? faint....I thought too much, althought I like Hyperon but I really want York so much....

PS: The last York's head were too thin, so I contacted Soom to changed a new one ^^;;

Today, two packages had arrived, I opened the Calais box first, and then I am disturbed mood to opened that small head box...Oh~~ YES, that's York's head not Hyperon. XDDD After I'd came back to home I received Soom's new E-mail, they had wrote a wrong name in last mail....= =... Dear Soom you scared me T_T... I have to say: My York has the ups and downs of birth experience....but finaly he had came to my home XD I could start face-up and dressing him XDDD

Said too much ~ there are my box opening pics XDD
After box opening pics, I had took some contrast pics with other size doll XDDD


Contrast with Soom SG girl (Old body)


Contrast with Soom SG girl (New body)


Contrast with Soom ID York and Soom Fairy ^^


Contrast with IP EID Carina (L chest)


Face up photos~XD
Face up by myself XD

My York ~ Named Nalata


Calais ~ Named Palerathna

That's happy ending XDD thanks for looking XDDD

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