[Diary]Hum...do you know what about saddness

I had opened my Etsy shop at the end of Apr. 2013, but just a few days ago at 30th, Etsy had temporary closure of my shop.
Because they doubt my works were not made by myself ? Or other resons ? I don't know,, they only asked my answered some questions about my workshop, and take my working photos from beginning to complete works. They still asked me write my Etsy ID and working date a paper, when I take photos this paper must show in that photo. I had show them about my workshop working space, my website, my unfinished works, my DoA feedback etc, what I could found to proof my innocence. But it's doesn't work, useless.

I felt so bad... my workshop only 1 member, that's me. Take working photos were hard task for me. I had asked my parents to help me to take photos.
I had began a new commission order yesterday(Thursday), and I had worked 11 hours. I must did it more and more as I could, because today my parents have a short trip with my grandmother, so they cannot go on to help me, but I really cannot waiting until my parents come back, the Etsy deadline will past.

I felt so bad.. I work hard and very tired every day, every month, from buy fabric, design, sewing, sewing ornaments, contact my customers, shipping all of works were made and did by my own. But I had to accpeted on their doubt. I felt saddness.

Sometime I have to accpet Chinese mistook from all over the world. Indeed 2/3 Piracy from China, and too much deceit from Chinese from past 20 years. And now, they had destotied credit, we have to pay that bill...I know because I'm Chinese, I had too much dispute with my works in BJDs group all over the world, just I didn't seen it, but some I had seen. Vituperation and doubt, too much. I cannot let all of people changed them opinion with Chinese people, but I could let them change it for me.

Tomorrow I will finished this commission order works, of course the photos too. I will show them to Etsy member and show them on my site/blog. If you interested in my working space and production step you will see it soonly XD

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2013-05-04 в 05:39 

Ariel Sun
nalisinko, my dear, please, don't give up. I hope your troubles with etsy will be solved soon! Your works are amazing so you are! I wish you strength to overcome all these suspicions. Cheer up! :flower:

To be russian is not a funny thing sometimes too so I really understand your pain. Some are scared, some start to think about mafia, vodka, savagery and badness. It's all superstitions and we simply need to overcome it, to be wise. We are different so why should we be responsible for someone's problems!

2013-05-04 в 07:43 

nalisinko, That's so sad((( But we all believe in you! Keep up your good work!

2013-05-04 в 11:24 

Magdalene Kreuz
Что нас не убивает, то нам не нужно
I believe that administration of Etsy will change it's wrong opinion and that sad incident will be forgotten. It was such a misunderstanding I think, but it was terrible for you. You've put so much time and effort but they closed your workshop... But don't be sad! Everything will be OK and you'll win!:attr:
Besides, we want to see your work in progress because it's very, very interesting - to wach how people do beatiful things. Russians talk about such talented and skilful people as you "he/she has a gold hands" ("у него золотые руки"). We like your works very much so let us see much more of them - on Etsy too!:rotate:

2013-05-04 в 12:00 

Gosh, I`m shocked to read this :-(
I think, Etsy made this because your works look so perfect, they can`t believe one person can sew so well.
I agree with Ariel Sun, you shouldn`t give up. I`m sure, it will be solved soon.

If you need any of my help, like the photos of your dress on my doll, or my written prooves that I really commissioned you, etc, please let me know.

All the people, who are not Americans or Western Europians face the problems like prejudices & biased attitude towards the nations in Western world or Western communities.. This can be said about asians, slavs, arabs and many other people as well. Don`t be much sad about this. It`s like a bothering part of our reality that we can`t avoid :(

2013-05-04 в 12:45 

My dear Tell me - how can you help and support! This is certainly terrible! All <who has your beautiful dresses for dolls - in awe of your work and you must continue to do your perfect outfits! We are waiting for the opening of your store to Etsy/
My hugs!

2013-05-04 в 17:38 

Просто помни - ты можешь не успеть
I don't know how it can be... It's terrible. Don't give up, please! Your works is so beautiful! :heart:

2013-05-05 в 06:17 

Ariel Sun, CommanderJaneShepard, Magdalene Kreuz, kozabo, karolinaLem, Ли-ко,
Thanks a lot for yours warm words. I will not give up, just little saddness.
Some my friends whom are lived in China questioned me: Why did you open your shop on this site must ? Could you change other one ?
I answered I can't. If because Etsy asked my to show them my working step and because I couldn't show them, so I had to closed my shop on Etsy, that all of my customers will doubt my works what really made by myself ? My credit will to be suspected. It's chain reaction. As a result, I had to took photos fellowed Etsy asked. I hope my Etsy shop will be re-open too ^^ that's really easy way to selling my works.

Thanks for all, Hugs~


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