[Diary]How much do you know about my workshop ?

When I had photographed those photos and with that paper what had wrot my name and date, I felt I'm like a prisoner ^^;;;
No matter how, I had took photos in when I'm working, I just need waiting Etsy's answer ^^
I know someone very insteresting with my workshop and my working time XD And now, you could see it at all XDD

PS:... I felt I need lose weight... I really can't belive I'm a fat ball on photos...T_T...

Check here, You will see more of my work steps XD

Thanks for all and thanks for looking XDD

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2013-05-05 в 07:39 

The only thing that can defeat power is more power © A. Wesker
Working mess ^^
I hope your shop will be reopened soon.

2013-05-05 в 09:18 

Я пришла совсем из другой сказки
Very interesting! Thanks a lot!

2013-05-05 в 09:54 

Два дебила - это СИЛА (с) "...пельмени требуют повышения зарплаты..."(с)

2013-05-05 в 10:46 

в эфире кочерыга
You are very talented! Keep doing such a great things :)

2013-05-05 в 13:30 

Sion R. Darkness
"Если ты умный, то почему больной и некрасивый?"(ц)
Wow, thank you so much for sharing your process, it's very interesting to see all steps from the beginning to the end =^^=

2013-05-05 в 20:47 

Legal_Assassin, Lany, Эольта, salvarion, Sion R. Darkness,
Thanks for all and my Etsy shop had re-opened right now XD I'm so happy
If I could I will sharing more process of my work in future XD

2013-05-05 в 21:03 

I enjoyed so much the photos of your working process^^
And finally I see how you look. You are very cute :)
Congrats for re-opening your store on Etsy ^o^

2013-05-06 в 06:01 

kozabo, Thank you ^^


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