[Diary][Notice]My Etsy shop had re-opened again XD

Please accpet my most thanks for everyone whom were care about my Etsy shop things. Thanks for all and hugs for all. In saddness of 3 days, your gave me faith and warm, I know This is not a big deal, but upset and depressed around me(It's because too much resons)
But now, everything had past. ~lol~ I will go on working and make more beautiful works for all XD

Etsy had reopened my shop this night (Beijing time ^^;;) I'm very happy right now, and I could have a good sleep today.
OH, yes, and my making process

Welcome to visit my shop

Thanks a lot again
Nalisinko Workshop Youya Ju

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2013-05-10 в 01:38 

Magdalene Kreuz
Что нас не убивает, то нам не нужно
Dear Nalisinko!
May I take your work-in-progress photos for my diary (with you copyrights, of cource)? I like your dolls and your outfits very much. Also I'm trying to sew for my dolls by myself so I like to see how really skilled people are working. It's beatiful and really inspiring!
I will be grateful if you'll let me do that :pink:

2013-05-13 в 13:31 

Magdalene Kreuz,
Hello dear ^^
Of course you can ^^ I wish you will make more beautiful works by yourself XDD
PS: If you want, don't forget share your works with me XDD


2013-05-13 в 19:17 

Magdalene Kreuz
Что нас не убивает, то нам не нужно
Oh, thank you very, very much!:pink:
I am a teriible but diligent and self-critical seamstress. If I will make some cute dresses I will show them certainly.
Best wishes!:rotate:

2013-05-16 в 18:58 

Magdalene Kreuz, I will be happy to see them XDD


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