[Diary]My Titisha, (Monster high) XD

Huh... Long time again, I hadn't update my Diary.ru....I had knew I'm wrong..
There has too many things were happened at past months, like made a wedding dress for my classmate, or apply for a visa to France but refused at last... and holiday~ and made new design perpare for Beijing BJD Festival at 9th Nov. and so on...
I had painted this Monster high at Jun...^^;; and finished her dress at Jul. I felt Monster high dolls waist were too thin, that just like my finger...and when I made corset for her, I had to doubt that the patterns were right, what I had printed the patterns by myself ^^;;;

Monster high Mummy
Face up and dress made by me

Her face up XD

This green one I named her Snake XDD I forgot took photos for Titisha before her new face up, so I only had this photo to showed Snake's original face up ^^;;

After My face up works XDD lttle stange, until today, I hadn't knew how to design a dress for her T_T....

More pics for Titisha XD

Thank you for looking xD

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2013-10-08 в 20:14 

Если делать, то хорошо! Но планка еще выше!
That is really amazing how people can make such tiny clothes for Monster High dolls! That's brilliant! =)

2013-10-08 в 20:20 

Просто помни - ты можешь не успеть
so pretty dolls!))

2013-10-09 в 16:19 

Себонька, Ли-ко, Thank you XDD


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