[Diary][I'm the winner of Sovereign Hill 19th Century classic costume]

At the beginning of Oct, I had joined a classic costume match whom the Organizers were Sovereign Hill in Melbourne Australia.
When I had sent the fashion draw, after 1 month ago, just when the Beijing Doll Paradise had ended past 2 days at 11th Nov, the Organizers had took a phone to me and told me I had entered the final round of this match.
I'm so surprise and happy, but when they told me I need made my design became material object, I felt I had to canceled my vacation plan and postpone all of my works what I had planed...^^;;; In that time I had nearly 1 month to perpare my dress for match.

At 17th Dec, I had went to Shanghai to took part in match, and 18th Dec were importent match of final round day. Though a day of dress rehearsal and match at 8:30 PM, the organizers declare I'm the winner.
I couldn't believe that, that's like a dream, very unexpected, and I'm so happy that I didn't knew what I could speak. ^^;;;

And now, I had ruturned to Beijing for 2 days ago, but I felt very tired, I only wanna sleeping and rest ^^;;; I thought maybe because I had working 28 days before and used more than 240 hours for working. And now, all the result had public, my nerves could be overwrought and then I felt tired so much~ HaHaHa~ I need a short rest right now and then I will start work again for my doll works and customers commission orders XD

Here is the design of fashion draw:

My works had completed at 16th Dec:

At the final round day:

More pictures:

The prize cup

PS: The winner prize are a 6 days travel in Melbourne Australia at March 2014. XDDDDDD

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2013-12-21 в 16:11 

Eleventh Prince
Принц был некрофил, он любил мертвых девушек. [И мертвых юношей в корсетах.]
Congrats on winning! :heart:

2013-12-31 в 20:56 

Eleventh Prince, Thank you XD


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